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A unique and exclusive technology for split-testing YouTube video ads

We are on a MISSION to bring split-testing to the video industry. Video is what Display was 10 years ago. Today, no marketer would run a Display campaign without split-testing the creatives. Why should it be different for Video campaigns?

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How does it work?

Best of all, you don’t need to create video variations to test,

we take care of it!

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Evaluate the ROI of your next YouTube campaign

With this non-random WORST-to-BEST approach on your side, VideoRunRun© will be able to multiply by X the performance of your next YouTube video campaign.

Media budget for the TEST
WORST-to-BEST ratio expected
Media budget for the SCALE
ROAS average (return-on-ad-spend)


Revenue €
without tests


Revenue €
after tests

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For this theoretical calculation, we consider that if your had launched your campaign randomly without tests, you would have performed half of the WORST-to-BEST ratio...which -in reality- could have been best or worst. Nobody knows without split-tests ;-)

The fee for our solution is currently 1500€ for the BETA version.

Which means (based on the simulation above) you will have a ROI of on your (media+fee) testing budget after having scaled

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Our 3 pillars to over-perform on YouTube

We bring BUSINESS MIND-SET & SCIENCE EXPERTISE to the ART of SOCIAL VIDEO ADS. This is what TubeReach battles for from the early beginnings. Challenged by our clients (especially Perfomance-based ones), we have developed an approach based on 3 pilars.

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